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Metro Regional Agents: Handy Guide to Simpler Auto Deductions

If you're looking at this graphic, you probably attended my Zoom presentation. I hope you found it useful!

This guide will probably help you save a lot of time, and may even get you a larger tax deduction. One thing I wanted to stress - you DO NOT have to record all of your business miles driven. And if you're the type that drives more business miles than personal miles, you don't even really need to record your business miles. Personal miles are fine if you can back into it!

I've attached my graphic that shows how to incorporate the two concepts that will help you save a lot of time when you record your business miles. 1) Sampling - As long as your sample was representative of your driving as a whole, you may use sampling to create your mileage long. 2) Recording personal miles driven instead of business.

Remember the "golden rule": Take every single tax deduction legally allowed by law!

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