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Our HARPTA Services

Selling your Hawaii real estate comes with certain obligations. We offer a full range of services and strategies to minimize your HARPTA or FIRPTA bill. 


We help you pay only what is necessary. We have built up extensive experience serving clients who faced the same issues you are, consistently making their ultimate HARPTA obligations shrink.

Learn more about how we can help you and your tax bill. 

HARPTA Waiver or Reduction

We are able to build a convincing case that will allow a qualifying nonresident seller to get a complete HARPTA waiver, or in some cases, we may help get your HARPTA withholding substantially reduced.


Foreign sellers of Hawaii real estate are usually subject to both state and federal withholdings.  Let us help guide you through the process of retrieving the money you are owed.

Early HARPTA Refund

If HARPTA is withheld, we can file the forms for our clients to receive an early, tentative refund.  It's ALWAYS better to get your money back sooner than later!

Tax Compliance and "Catch-Up"

To get a HARPTA waiver or refund, the state requires property owners to be current with all general excise, transient accommodations and income tax filings.  If you need help, we will be glad to assist.

Military Sellers

We cite federal tax rules to eliminate the HARPTA withholding requirement for Military sellers who do not declare Hawaii as their state of residency. 

Phone Consultations

Every tax situation is unique, and when facing complicated tax rules, it's often tough to know how to make good decisions.  If you need to speak to someone about HARPTA to get some answers, call us.  Phone consultations are free.

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