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A Video Introduction to HARPTA

In this video, I explain what HARPTA is, why it was put into place, how non-resident home sellers deal with HARPTA, and our experience to tackle this large withholding.

Calculating Gain/Loss for HARPTA

Those who have studied real estate taxation know that it can be a complicated topic.  Thankfully, the calculation of gains/losses on the sale of a home are simplified for HARPTA purposes.  

HARPTA and Military Servicemembers

At HARPTA Help LLC, we deal with many military servicemembers who are selling homes.  This video attempts to answer many of the questions we receive, and also to help clarify misconceptions you may have.  This is a broad area, so if you have any questions about your particular circumstance, please email us at, or call us at 808-737-4412.  

Are You a Hawaii Resident for HARPTA Purposes?

While the answer to this question should be simple, it sometimes isn't.  If you've lived in Hawaii for a while but are relocating to the mainland, are are a resident?  If you're a military servicemember stationed in Hawaii, are you a Hawaii resident?  What sorts of criteria define a resident?  We hope this video helps, but if you have more questions, email us at or call 808-737-4412.

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